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Summer Internship Program
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Summer internship program

The summer internship program is a 5-8 week program, where you get the opportunity to deliver direct value by working in small teams on meaningful (and real) projects. In our experience, it is more important to find the right person, than the right “position”. Therefore, we welcome anyone of driven, analytical and curious character to apply to our summer internship program. Preferably you are a 4th year student, with a mind for business, and strong technical or analytical skills.

What you will be working on depends on your background, skills and our ongoing projects. We will strive to find the match that complements and strengthens our team, and you can therefore expect a steep learning curve and the chance to make a difference.

Earlier we have had students with backgrounds from cybernetics, strategy, data and design join us. Here is what some of them have to say about the program:

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